The Audio Sample Page

Here are some sample voice overs that I have done, that you might want to consider before contacting me. This webpage is a part of my portfolio and shouldn't be considered seperate from that. If you haven't yet seen the portfolio, go see that or go home to mommy. Choice is entirely yours. The line "go home to mommy" has been derived from a game whose title I do not remember, probably it was called PICO'S REVENGE or PICO'S SCHOOL and is probably available on to play.

And if you are not yet bored, even after reading these lines, I have a story to tell. This is an incident from the year, when I was in Class 12. I, along with other students, was performing a Chemistry practical. In Chemistry lab, you are not supposed to directly smell chemicals or anything, by poking your head over it. Even if you need to smell a gas(for some reasons), you gently waft the gas vapours towards your nose to smell it. But being a person that I am, I poked my head over the test tube, that was producing Ammonia as a product. Since Ammonia has a strong characteristic pungent smell, something happened to me after smelling it: I became SPIDERMAN. No, I didn't. Instead my hand, involuntarily dropped the test tube to the ground. And it crashed!! What else was it supposed to?

Are you bored now? If yes, listen to the audio samples provided below. If not, read the above paragraphs again, if you have enough time to waste. I hope you enjoy reading these lines, as much as I did writing them.